Doppler Labs Here One ™


“Make the world sound your way”, not just a catchy claim, but reality, if you go with the Doppler Labs Here One.
Teamed up with the company app the hearables make you hear what you want to hear.

It doesn’t matter if you want lock out everydays noise, or boost the bon ton of your life. Yoga in the middle of rush hour traffic, focused learning sessions during a concert, all a bit of odd ideas, but definitively possible.

The wide range of presets made by sounddesigning experts are a comprehensive victory and make you your very own maestro of your everyday tapestry of sound.

The Here One may not change the world, but the way you hear it.

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Doppler Labs Here One

Highlights Here ONE ™

Noise cancelling with active noise control is the key feature of the Doppler Labs Hearables. Either you use the presets e.g. office or street noise (up to 22dB soundfiltering), or you compose your own filter according to your preferences.In addition all profiles can be enabled via position recognition. The ear buds learn behavioural habits and suggest the best profile for the situation.Making phone calls or listening to music is taken for granted and can be seasoned with ambientsound as you like.As a matter of fact, the included recharge case extends battery life many times over.

Battery Life

2h per charging (60 mAh), up to 3 times rechargeable with the charging case (560 mAh), fast charging mode: 50% at 15min.

Noise Cancelling

Up to 22dB drop of unwanted frequencies with realtime active noise control, up to 6dB boost of wanted frequencies.


Readymade soundprofiles for daily uses, e.g. street noise or high pitched noises, bypass mode for non-filtered ambient sounds.

Personal Soundprofile

Configurable soundflow for every ear, can be stored as preset and recalled by GPS position.

Position Recognition

Activating soundprofiles by GPS data, smart behavioural habits learning.

Phone Calls

Hands free phone calls possible, crystal clear voice processing even with mixed in ambient sound.


High fidelity balanced armature speakers for blasting sound and perfect audio-video match with NFMI technology.

Official Product Video 3 in 1
Tessa Lark & Charles Yang get to know the Here ONE ™


Are the Here One batteries enough?

A full charge of the Here One is enough for two hours of use. The charging case extends the service life by three times. The quick charge function is pleasant, and after 15 minutes it has already charged 50% of the hearable.

What is the price of Here One?

The Here One can no longer be bought new. Doppler Labs ceased operations in 2018. Used devices are traded on the various online platforms for around 130 euros.

What can I expect with the Here One?

The most outstanding function of the Here One is the very good noise canceling. The control of the sound profiles via smartphone GPS chip is another highlight feature. So the ambient atmosphere is always in the sound that you determine yourself.

How AI are the Here One?

In addition to the connection of GPS and sound profiles, the Here One can also be really smart. In this way, the hearables learn the usage habits and then already suggest the appropriate sound profile.