Bragi The Dash Pro

The Dash Pro

The Munich StartUp Bragi sets the bar, if we speak hearables and includes the well known art of german engineering.
The smart inears definitely got ehat it takes to be a daily sidekick. Technical perfection and a rich list of features make it hard to think of a world without them.
Events of the day? Navigate? All your daily workout facts? Your afterwork playlist? There is just one answer to all this questions – The Dash Pro.
To be honest, there is no situation where they have to back down at all. As an extra bonus: no fear of running out of battery at any time.
Your personal anchorman, citygiude, workoutbuddy, assistant and entertainer, they are all right in your ear.

© Bragi, The Dash Pro

Bragi The Dash Pro

Highlights The Dash Pro

An improved batterylife of 5h is just one of the highlights of the new The Dash Pro. With the included charging case you are able to get 30h of uptime without external power.
The internal 4GB flashmemory offers music for hours, without your mobile.
The feature-rich biometric sensing technology gives a deep inside of your bodydata and detects your workouts automatically.
You can active Siri, GoogleNow or the new iTranslate service via the kinetic user interface, talk on the phone with a crystal clear voice, because of the earbone microphone technology and still be save during your everyday life, if you activate transparency mode. Wow.

Battery Life

5h per charging (100mAh), 5 times rechargeable with the charging case (2200 mAh), less then 2h charge time, overall up time: more then 30h.

Build-in musicplayer

Included MP3 Flashmemory, 1m waterproof (IPX7), powerful sound with Knowles® Balanced Armature speakers, use without smartphone.

Biometric sensors

Measures heartrate, calories burned, breathsensing, pedometer, speed, time, distance and laptime.

Kinetic User Interface

Intuitive headtracking control for calls, tap your bone to activate Siri/GoogleNow, virtual 4D functions menu.


Earbone microphone enhances own voice, crystal clear phone calls even in noisy environment.


Translates heared voices to prefered language, 90 languages available, even easier use with two The Dash Pro devices.

Transparency Mode

Infinitely variable fade in ambient sounds while using the hearables, stay aware of your environment.

Official Product Video The Dash Pro
Running re-experienced


How well do The Dash Pro batteries last?

In standalone mode, The Dash Pro manage about 5 hours. The included charging case makes it full 30 hours uptime beast. The total charging time is only two hours and guarantees a full day of use, with no restrictions.

What are the costs of The Dash Pro?

The Dash Pro can no longer be bought from Bragi. However, there are still remaining stocks at various online retailers. These are always around 300 euros.

Attention! There are also The Dashs (without the “Pro”) for around 120 euros, these are also originals, but they are pure InEar headphones, with no smart functions at all.

What are the functions of The Dash Pro?

The Dash Pro can do it all. Audio transparency for safety during outdoor use, fitness tracking, heartbeat monitoring, internal MP3 memory, translation, gesture control aso aso aso…

Can The Dash Pro also translate?

As a standalone, The Dash Pro cannot translate. However, in conjunction with the iTranslate app, all texts spoken into the hearables’ microphones are translated into the desired language.