Nuheara IQbuds² MAX


After Bragi sold its Hearables division, NuHeara swings to become the new industry standard and undisputed leader of the pack.

IQBuds² MAX, which can be pre-ordered, made a statement nobody is able to answer back in the moment.
The hearables do not have any fitness functions, so you do not look for pedometers and heart rate measurements, but the real-world sound, as it is called by NuHeara, can be filtered, blocked and controled as you like.

NuHeara Active Noise Canceling, that offers real natural silence, is engineered by tree microphones located inside and outside the hearable. This is a whole new level in this class.
Almost perfectly isolated voices, which are cleared by the user can be mixed individually into the silence. With the help of adjustable listening direction and the SINC feature, i.e. Speech in Noise Control, they sound surprisingly natural and crystal clear.

Depending on the location, special hearing profiles can be activated thru the app. In this way, the voices of colleagues are amplified in the office, but those of your children at home.

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NuHeara IQBudsMAX

Highlights IQBuds² MAX

An absolute unique selling point and a real crossover artist between hearing aid and hearable is the hearing test at clinical level.
Or as NuHeara calls it: EarID technology.

The hearing profiles determined in this way enable the best possible personalized adjustment of the sound and achieve results similar to those of a complex test by a hearing care professional. This means all the features of the IQBuds² MAX are personally tailored in one fell swoop – instant beating all other hearables with likewise functions.

Despite the almost infinite customization options and the very generously equipped hardware side, InEars and charging case offer combined 32 hours of use or 20 hours of Bluetooth streaming, which also sets completely new standards.

The hybrid design between Hearable and hearing aid opens up a completely new category within the Hearable division. The EarID technology uses a NAL / NL2 approved hearing test and saves you the first visit to a hearing care professional.

In addition, wanted voices can not only be generally filtered based on the sound source, but also listening directions and thus very precise focussing on the speaker.
A functionality that can otherwise only be found in significantly more expensive hearing aids.

The handling of one’s own voice in the audio picture is also borrowed from hearing acoustics, which sounds more natural thanks to sophisticated programming and is attenuated to such an extent that the user has no feeling of occlusion when talking.

battery life

Together with the charging case, the IQBuds² MAX have an incredible 32 hours of use. A single charge lasts a full eight hours or five hours with continuous Bluetooth streaming.

Built-in hearing test

EarID with clinical hearing test for the detection of personalized hearing loss enables scientifically sound hearing adjustment without a visit to an audiologist.

Active Noise Cancelling

With three microphones per side (two outside the ear, one inside), the most advanced Active Noise Canceling technology through simultaneous measurement and perfectly tuned counter sound. External noises can be blocked with a tap of the finger. In combination with SINC, desired noises, such as voices from conversation partners, are specifically filtered and excluded from noise canceling.


Speech in Noise Control enables the individual listening environment to be set quickly depending on the location. It is possible to filter background noise with different intensities and at the same time to amplify voices that are within the adjustable focus range. Depending on the location, the IQbuds² MAX try to distinguish the desired votes.

Professional signal processing

Thanks to the triple-core DSP system and 450 MIPS signal processing chip, the occlusion feeling of the ear is reduced, hearing of your own voice is prevented as best as possible and an optimal natural sound experience is created.

Dynamic sound

Rich bass and a perfectly functioning world sound EQ are the result of a above-average dynamic sound architecture in an acoustically advantageous vent design.

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Highlights IQBuds² MAX at CES 2020