Googles Pixel Buds

Pixel Buds

Google Pixel buds don’t leave any question unanswered, all the more if you blame them to just be Googles AirPods. Design, functions and the main feature turn the back on Apple.

The worlds biggest search engine takes WaverlyLabs’ idea of barrier-free communication and combines it with the power of the in-house assistant. It’s easy to sum up the idea behind the not so wireless hearables: Your counterpart talks to a smartphone in his or her language and your Pixel Buds, driven by the power of the mighty Google Translator, do their thing. Even if you don’t got someone you want to be translated, you can talk to the Google Assistant, just to use all of its features.

Googles earbuds win over fidelity. Something other products have lost while being advertised. Yes, Pixel Buds got a drop cable, no you can’t slice that – it is just needed. Yes, to use the translation feature you will need a smartphone and spoiler alert, you will need the Google Translator app too and no, there’s no difference if you use two inears. Battery Life is, depending on usage, up to five hours – but this is measured in real life and not under laborytory conditions, to have another big number you can advertise.

Googles Pixel Buds maybe do not have unique features, but they play them as good as possible.

Highlights Pixel Buds

In general every bug is a possible feature – that means a drop cable is a 100% safeguard, losing your earbuds again is nearly impossible, even if they slip out of position.

But the real deal is the hands down android-pairing. Just open the charging case, take your buds and before you have reached your ear, they are connected with the nearest android device.

The sensor on the right earbud is made for track and volume control and to activate the Google Assistant. Once activated you got handsfree control over your calls, messages and mails.

Battery Life

5h per charging (120mAh), up to 5 times rechargeable with transportbox (620 mAh), fast charging feature: 10min charging for one hour working life. Overall operating time: 24h.


Google Translator app integrated, all languages available, no need of a second pair of Pixel Buds.

Individual Resizing

Can match every auricle, infinitely adjustable with innovative cord system, in use loss-protection.

Google Assistent

Full handsfree use, activates on tap, all assistant features available – e.g. phone calls, messages, websearch.

Voice Recognition

Automatic call- and activity-recognition, autonomous volume matching depending on the background for crystal clear phone calls.

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Google Pixel Buds
Unboxing, First Impressions & Review
2 weeks in use review


Are the Pixel Buds batteries okay?

A full five hours of use can be achieved with a battery charge of the Pixel Buds. The InEars can be recharged up to five times with the charging case. After ten minutes in the case you have enough juice for an hour of listening pleasure.

What do you have to pay for the Pixel Buds?

The current price for the package of Pixel Buds and charging case is 177 euros. As soon as the new generation is presented in the shops, this price should certainly drop again.

Are the Pixel Buds worth it?

The Hearables integrate into every smartphone based on Android and really make it easier to use. From the use of the Google Assistant to the completely contactless writing of an WhatsApp.

How to use Pixel Buds as a translator?

The integrated Google translator works via the microphones of the Pixel Buds and uses the full power of the well-known translation function. Almost all languages ??of the world are covered, as long as you are online.