Samsung GEAR IconX


Samsung – smartphone giant, innovativ mastermind and a quality failsafe – obvious that the korean company also plays a roll on the hearable market.

IconX ear buds key features help athletes all over the world. The on point and neat working bodysensors of the GEAR Series found their way to the ear. Biometric data on a whole new and concise level make you train more efficient and more personalized then ever.

Straight forward menues and seemless app integration with SHealth are a solid base for a IconX winners story. It doesn’t matter if you are pro, semi-pro or bloody noob, this smart little device takes you to the next level.

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Samsung GEAR IconX

Highlights GEAR IconX

First things first: the IconX plays well, even without a mobile.Want no smartphone while you workout? No Problem – an integrated 4GB flashmemory for your music extends the batterylife from good 5h to brilliant 7h.The biometric sensing technology does business as usual and offers a bunch of data to every Android device from version 4.4 or higher. If the ear buds push you hard and you work up a sweat – don’t worry, they are splashproof, so there are no more excuses.A rock solid fit cancels every ambientnoise, but of course you have a mix-in feature to feel save if you are outdoors.As a final highlight: Bixby or GoogleNow are just one fingertap away.

Battery Life

5h per charging (82mAh) / 7h without bluetooth, up to 2 times rechargeable with the charging case (340 mAh), fast charging (50%) at 10-15min.

Build-in Musicplayer

Included 4GB MP3 Flashmemory, splashproof (IPX4), no smartphone needed.

Biometric sensors

solid heartrate, calories burned, Pedometer, Speed and Distance and Laptime measurement.

Ambient Sound Mode

Keeps you aware of your environment during outdoor workouts.

Single Tap Assistance

Tap the device to activate Bixby or GoogleNow.

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How long does the battery last for the GEAR IconX?

The charging case can recharge the hearables twice. Then the GEAR IconX can do five hours each, under normal use. In total, one can assume a service life of 15 hours. The quick charge function manages 50% of the battery in 10-15 minutes.

How much does GEAR IconX cost?

The 2018 version of the GEAR IconX is currently available at a price of 70 euros. This makes them an inexpensive alternative to the Galaxy Buds, which you can currently get from your mobile operator, instead of a new smartphone.

What can Samsung’s GEAR IconX do?

All standard fitness functions including heart rate measurement are possible with the GEAR IconX. There is also an ambient sound mode that crossfades the normal world into your music playback.

Can I use the GEAR IconX without a mobile phone?

Thanks to the 4Gb internal memory, the smartphone can stay at home while you workout. All training data are automatically synchronized as soon as both devices are connected again via bluetooth.