Hearables 2021

Hearables 2021

Hearables – basically in-ear Bluetooth® headphones – mainly inspire as a lifestyle product for listening to music. The main focus is on perfect sound, practicality, and intuitive usability. However, viewed completely, this type of Hearables is only the tip of the iceberg. Wikipedia defines Hearables as ” technically advanced, electronic in-ear-devices designed for multiple purposes ranging from wireless transmission to communication objectives, medical monitoring, and fitness tracking.”

Hearables are shown in all their diversity when we look beyond the world of lifestyle earbuds. Functions that initially support music enjoyment, such as clearness or noise cancellation. Also, serve their purpose in the segment of hearing improvement: Hearables declared as Assistive Listening Devices compensate for hearing deficiencies to a certain extent, mainly based on a hearing test to be performed by the user via the app. However, even manufacturers of conventional hearing aids have recognized the potential of Hearables: Hearing Instruments with an earbud look and feel and additional lifestyle functions are increasingly available on the market. In the end, one remark about all hearables: they should enrich life, make it easier and more comfortable.

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For sound purists and comfort fanatics. The best sound, intuitive usage, enhanced with features that make everyday life more comfortable and enjoyable.

  • Sound

    Best possible sound for music and movies.

  • Active Noise Cancellation

    It suppresses disturbing ambient noise.

  • Transparency Mode

    It preserves essential sounds such as speech and traffic.

  • Comfort

    Wear for several hours without disturbing.


The powerful sound combined with hearing optimization. For those who want to enjoy personalized sound alongside/next to classic Hearable features.

  • Self Fitting

    Adjustment to hearing ability via app hearing test.

  • Personalization

    Create personalized hearing profiles.

  • Speech Enhancement

    It amplifies speech clearly in loud environments.

  • Sound

    Powerful sound for music and movies.


A seamless fusion of the functions of a hearing system with the lifestyle features of a hearable. The declaration of war on the classic hearing aid and its stigma.

  • Speech Enhancement

    Reinforces the language of the crucial interaction.

  • Noise Reduction

    It Minimizes disturbing ambient noise in the surrounding.

  • Lange Akkulaufzeit

    All-day use on a single charge.

  • Fitting

    Fitting to individual hearing and hearing losses.


For the best sound, earbuds rely primarily on noise-reducing and sound-optimizing technologies. Active Noise Cancellation uses externally mounted microphones to convert noise into a counter signal that almost neutralizes it. Many earbuds have a Transparency Mode that adds speech recognition and other essential ambient noise to the overall sound. Meaning headphones do not have to be removed from the ear during conversations.

Modern earbuds are also very comfortable to wear. Earpieces in various sizes guarantee a snug fit without the ears starting to hurt after a while. Vent holes in the headphones prevent negative pressure in the ear and the associated unpleasant feeling that is familiar from older or pricey earbuds. Many manufacturers advertise that they will not feel the Earbuds even after hours of wearing them.

Assistive Listening Devices

Assistive listening devices are hearables that aim to improve hearing as well as music enjoyment. They are self-fitting: Before use, a hearing test is carried out with the associated app’s help. Based on this, the settings are adjusted to compensate for existing hearing impairments. Appropriate hearing profiles can be created for different situations as part of the personalization process.

In addition to pure music listening, the focus is on speech enhancement. Assistive listening devices enhance the speech of the other person as needed to make it more understandable. Therefore, these hearables can be an alternative for people with mild hearing loss who do not want to wear a hearing system. Nevertheless, even those with healthy hearing can benefit from the many personalized settings and good sound quality for a more precise hearing.

Hearing Instruments

Bluetooth® audio streaming and amplification of specific ambient frequencies and a professional fitting to the own hearing and its hearing losses are made possible by Hearing Instruments. Speech enhancement is the essential priority, and this is achieved, among other things, with the help of directional microphones. This feature not only emphasizes voices but also recognizes the direction from which they are coming. In combination with noise reduction, unwanted sounds can be efficiently neutralized and wanted sounds better understood.

Among hearables, Hearing Instruments offer the most extended battery life. The devices can be used continuously for up to 24 hours. A mobile charging case is often included in the scope, allowing three to four additional charges without an external power source. Before initial use, Hearing Instruments must be fitted by a hearing care professional. During the fitting, the functions are adjusted to compensate for hearing loss ideally. Hearables of this type are officially considered aids and are therefore subsidized by the health insurance fund if hearing loss is diagnosed.