Jabra Elite Sport

Elite Sport

Jabra is used synonymous for high quality bluetooth communication devices. The Elite Sport ear buds are the companys first step into smart sports tracking and off-hand a top-notch device.
From the sweatproof surface to the seamless app integration, a well thought concept and one of the best hearables for the still growing fitness community. If physical fitness is your faith and reaching your next bodystage is your goal, then the Elite Sport is your first-line therapy.A close call of your limits is not enough? Jabra makes you go the extra mile.That is exactly the targeted audience for those little workoutbuddies, not the buisnessman who does a bit of running while checking stocks and answering missed calls.

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Jabra Elite Sport

Highlights Elite Sport

Perfect fitnesstracking – inear, that is what the Jabra Elite Sport talks about.As this is what they are focused on, you won’t find any office features like “check mail” or “alert me on upcomming events”. Of course answering the phone or listen to music is possible, even with mixed in ambient sounds, to feel save.Because safety first is an important rule, especially for athlets. The biggest plus is on the biometric sensing side, as you can track heartrate, calories burned, distance and duration, you also get the chance to measure VO2max, an absolute USP and the Elite Sport detect the kind of workout you are doing. Impressive.
A 3 year warrenty against sweat damage says, Jabra is sure about their IP67 sealing.The given water-resistance of 1 meter and 30min makes the device a perfect match for swimmers and everyone else in humid environments.

Battery Life

4,5h per charging, up to 2 times rechargeable with the charging case.

Biometric sensors

Clinical accurate heartrate, VO2max measurement, calories burned, Pedometer, Speed, Time, Distance, high resolution 3-axis gyro.

Calling & Music

Crystal clear sound, 4 microphones to filter background noise .

HearThrough Function

Include ambientsounds on double tap.

3 Year Warrenty

Covers all damages because of sweat, sealed with new isolating coating technique.


Up to 1 meter and a duration of 30min, IP67 Standard.

Making of Sports Earbuds
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What is the battery life of the Elite Sport?

One battery charge lasts for more than four hours. The charging case only manages two full reloads. A charging cycle takes just one hour. Overall, the Elite Sport last half a day.

What are the prices of Elite Sport?

The prices are currently between 140 and 180 euros. The color of the InEars is decisive. So it’s worth comparing prices here.

Are the Elite Sport right for me?

Heart rate measurement at hospital level, VO2 measurement and automatic training recognition. That “sport” in the name is not just a marketing gag. The perfect companion for every active athlete.

Are Elite Sport waterproof?

The hearables are waterproof to IP67, i.e. up to one meter for a period of 30 minutes. So swimming is possible. There is also a three-year guarantee on sweat resistance.