Motorola Hint+

Motorola Hint+

Motorola, another word for innovative and in the best way different devices. The first mobile – a Motorola, first flip phone – a Motorola. Now the first hearab… okay, close but no. Nevertheless the company stays creative and avoids simple copy cating of famouse hearables. They break it down and think them different.

The Hint+ acts as a stretching element between user and smartphone. What about controlling your charging mobile, while you are in the garden? It is possible. Just by the way, the inear looks classy at all.

Manage your everyday tasks without beeing bound to your mobiles screen, this is what the Motorola Hint+ stands for. All facts and dates streamed right to your ear, no matter whether you got your mobile in your pocket, or somewhere in your office.

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Motorola Hint+

Highlights Motorola Hint+

Other companys always want you to cover both ears, what is an safety issue – so the Motorola ear bud thinks different and acts as a single side device. Or as a single side makeover, because on purchase you can choose between 6 different stunning looks.
Less entertainer, more organizer is the name of the game and that is what the Hint+ plays as a pro. Make a call, messaging, search the web or enter dates, all you have to do is a little smalltalk with your ear. No smartphone needed at all.
Of course musicstreaming is a feature and becomes a experience with the ergonomic gelpads. Hands free calling is no other, thankfully to CrystalTalk technology and smooth ambient sound mixing.
The most powerful feature is the unbelieveable range of the bluetooth module. Organize or make calls within a range of up to 45 meters without dropouts or decreasing voice quality.

Battery Life

3,5h per charging, up to 4 times rechargeable with the charging case, up to 200h standby.

Voice Control

Messaging, phone calls or every other feature of your mobile assisting system possible (Siri/GoogleNow/Bixby/MotoVoice).

Hands Free Calling with CrystalTalk

Crystal clear sound, full voice controlled call realization.


Smooth ambient sound integration to calls, music or in standby-mode.

45 Meters Bluetooth Range

Dropout free use, Bluetooth 3.0 + DER system, full free movement.

6 Different Designs

On purchase 6 different skins available to suit your style.

Function and Design Review
Hands-On Motorola Hint+


How much battery has the Motorola Hint +?

Three and a half hours per battery charge, that’s the runtime you can expect from the Hint +. The charging case can recharge the InEars up to four times. So a total of almost 18 hours of use is possible.

How much does a Motorola Hint + cost?

The prices for the Mono Bud are currently between 30 and 50 euros. You have to pay attention which Hint-generation you get and whether it is not one of the many similar looking InEar-products from Motorola.

Are there any Motorola Hint + highlights?

The biggest plus with the Hint + is the stable Bluetooth connection over up to 45 meters. There are also six high-quality designs that leave nothing to be desired.

Do I need two Motorola Hint +?

The Hint + is basically intended as mono bud, i.e. as a one-ear solution. Two devices are therefore not necessary.