Bluetooth Headphones 2020

Almost all bluetooth headphones have a common feature: They play music, yes, indeed. But beyond that, they are usually wireless. Whether over ear, in ear, or anywhere, most headphones have Bluetooth and thus free their wearer of any cables. Here, however, the similarities end and the differences are actually huge. Reason enough once to test and compare the best-known Bluetooth headphones 2020.

Bluetooth Headphones Comparison 2020

The decision is up to you: just listening to music and making phone calls or may it be a bit more function and comfort in your ear? Bluetooth headphones are much more than headphones without cables. Most Hearables are also translator, personal trainer, noise canceller and organizer, but in everyday life they are first and foremost always music-player. Since the 3.5 mm headphone jack was removed from most smartphones, Bluetooth is the first choice for connecting headphones to a cell phone.