Signia Active

Signia Active

Signia as a hearing aid manufacturer that has already taken unconventional paths in the past to reach those who needed a hearing aid but not one to wear.

That’s why Signia Active deliberately goes for the hearable look. Visually indistinguishable from a hearable, the most modern hearing aid technology lies dormant inside. So the Ear Buds can not only play back music and phone calls with high-resolution sound, but also improve the overall hearing experience. Even in challenging situations like crowds and noisy places, Signia Active is the choice that can help.

The powerhouse of Bluetooth® Low Energy, li-ion batteries, mobile charging cradle, artificial intelligence and instant usability, takes hearing to the next level.

Highlights Signia Active

Signia Active is much more than a hearable. It declares war on hearing aid stigmas and is mainly designed for those who need a a hearing aid but want to wear something more discrete.

The technological basis of the Hearable are Signia’s latest Xperience chip and its Dynamic Soundscape Processing technology. To mention, acoustic sensors detect the sound environment and adjust the device’s settings to it in seconds. The result: the best possible sound settings in every situation.

For iPhone users, Bluetooth® Low Energy transmits audio signals to the ear buds. In combination with lithium-ion batteries, this ensures a continuous runtime of up to 18 hours, including 5 hours of streaming.

Signia Active hearing systems can be controlled and fine-tuned via the Signia App with iPhone and Android smartphones. The Signia Assistant is also integrated into the app, which provides individual suggestions for sound settings as needed to enable a hearing experience that is as personal as possible and tailored to the user’s own requirements.

battery power

With the associated Active Charger, the hearing systems are fully charged inductively within 4 hours. Up to 3 full charges are possible without the need for an external power source. Once the battery is full, it can be used for up to 18 hours, including 5 hours of streaming. Those in a hurry: After a quick charge of 30 minutes, the Earbuds can be used for 5 hours without streaming and 3 hours with streaming. Making it crucial for emergencys and short notice events.

instant fit

The hearing systems do not require a time-consuming earmold and fit without being made to measure – an advantage also during the trial phase, as the devices can be given away immediately. The click sleeves do not have to be changed by the hearing care professional and can be changed at will by the patient.

artificial intelligence

The Signia Assistant’s built-in chatbot recognizes which settings are appropriate for the prevailing sound situation. Pre-programmed hearing settings are automatically adjusted depending on the background noise.

two price categories

The price category of the Signia Active is equivalent to the entry-level hearing aid category. The costs are therefore fully covered depending on the health insurance.

Signia Active Pro provides more hearing comfort by highlighting the person you are talking to and at the same time making ambient noise transparent. It is priced in the range of mid-range hearing aids.

three color combinations

Signia Active hearing systems are available in the color combinations Snow White/Rose Gold, Black/Black and Black/Silver, depending on personal taste.


The same accessories are suitable for Signia Active hearing systems as for other Signia hearing systems of the current Xperia generation: StreamLine TV for TV sound transmission, StreamLine Mic for hands-free audio streaming and as an external microphone, miniPocket remote control and much more.

Signia Active: Modern hearing system in hearable style
insert Signia Active into ear

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Signia Active battery last?

The battery is fully charged within four hours. It then lasts up to 18 hours including streaming. After 30 minutes of fast charging, the hearing system can be used for five hours with streaming and three hours without.

How much does the Signia Active cost?

Signia Active is available in two price categories. The first is comparable to the entry-level hearing aid class, the costs of which are fully covered depending on the health insurance. Active Pro, with more features such as highlighting individual speakers and simultaneous transparency of ambient sounds, is in the mid-range segment.

Is the Signia Active a hearing aid?

Active and Active Pro from Signia may look like a hearable, but it is a full-fledged hearing aid. It is suitable for use with mild to moderate hearing loss.

Who is Signia Active suitable for?

Signia Active is aimed at those who do not want to wear hearing aids despite hearing loss. This applies especially to those with mild to moderate hearing loss. Signia Active gives the opportunity to significantly improve understanding without having to get used to a classic behind-the-ear hearing aid. In addition, the hearing system is Instant Fit, which means that it can be used immediately and can also be given directly to the hearing care professional for trial periods, without the need for elaborate earmolds.