Olive Pro

Olive Union Olive Pro

After the Japanese manufacturer Olive Union caused a sensation with its Smart Ear Hearbuds, the next generation of hearing-improving headphones is now available in the form of Olive Pro. 

Visually indistinguishable from conventional earbuds, the technology inside can restore a bit of quality of life for the hard of hearing. In addition to pure music enjoyment, the headphones also offer speech enhancement with simultaneous noise reduction. 

The Olive Pro headphones are controlled via Bluetooth using a smartphone. The listening test integrated into the app serves as the basis for improved sound experience and speech understanding. 

Two modes ensure immersive sound in any situation: Hearing Mode and Music Mode. Music Mode makes listening to music a true experience by compensating for existing hearing loss by boosting less intelligible frequencies. Hearing Mode allows for improvement in everyday life and, based on the hearing test, highlights the speech of the person you are talking to, while background noise is pushed into the background. 

Olive Pro is not (yet) a full-fledged hearing aid replacement, but it can still reduce the suffering of a hearing impaired person. It is therefore primarily aimed at those who do not want to wear a hearing aid because of the stigma that still prevails, or who are looking for hearing support that does not have to be permanently worn on the ear.

Highlights Olive Pro

Olive Union combines the practical benefits of earbuds with the medical aspects of a hearing aid. From the look to the high-quality sound drivers that enable full, immersive sound, Olive Pro Hearbuds are also suitable for people without hearing loss. The real benefit, however, opens up to those with primarily mild to moderate hearing loss. 

Mainly responsible for improving hearing is the interplay of speech enhancement and noise reduction. Compared to the predecessor Olive Union Smart Ear, the volume could be increased by 43%. The Olive Pro uses 64 channels to boost the less perceptible frequencies, instead of 16 as before, making it much more finely adjustable. The dB to be amplified could also be increased by 40% to 70 dB. According to the company, Olive Pro is therefore suitable not only for mild to moderate hearing losses, but also for severe ones. 

Battery power

With the included charger, the Olive Pro Earbuds can be used for up to 20 hours without an external power source. The battery lasts up to 7 hours on one charge.

Hear Mode

Simultaneous speech enhancement and noise reduction create up to 150% more volume and clarity. This allows the Olive Pro headphones to provide relief even for severe hearing loss. 

Music Mode

The music experience can be customized for normal hearing, mild and moderate hearing loss. Within 5 minutes, the sound settings can be personalized to the individual hearing. The integrated hearing test can be redone at any time.

High Fidelity Audio

High-quality High Definition speaker drivers and 2-way Balanced Armature drivers enable impressive sound based on personalized listening settings.

Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence adjusts voice recognition and noise cancellation to the user’s sound preferences, improving focus on intentional sound sources.


Tunable to different sound situations such as indoor and outdoor. This allows 99.8% of sounds to be captured without distortion.

Fragen und Antworten

How long is the battery life of the Olive Pro?

The Olive Pro Hearbuds are charged in the corresponding Mobile Charger. One charge provides about 7 hours of battery life. In total, the headphones can be used for up to 20 hours before the charger has to be connected to the mains. 

How much do Olive Union Olive Pro Hearbuds cost?

In stores, the Olive Union Olive Pro headphones are regularly available starting at $299. The package includes the Hearbuds, ear tips in different sizes, the wireless charging case, and a USB-C cable.

Is the Olive Pro a hearing aid?

Olive Pro is designed to compensate for hearing loss. They are an alternative for people with mild to moderate hearing loss who do not want to wear hearing aids, or who only want to hear better as needed and in certain situations. However, they cannot completely replace a hearing aid, if only because a professional audiological fitting by a hearing care professional is not possible. 

Who is the Olive Pro suitable for?

Olive Union Olive Pro is primarily aimed at people who need a hearing aid but do not want to wear one or only in certain situations. According to the manufacturer, the Hearbuds are suitable for mild to severe hearing loss.