Apple AirPods


Apples Airpods are not comparable to other hearables on the market. The pioneers of outstanding design play close to the company line.
While others try to hide themselves as deep in the ear as possible, Airpods stand tall – conscious and fishing for views of the others.

But, besides eye catching design you will find a lot of different smart features, which make the Airpods more than just headphones. Apple manages both: outstanding product-quality and every kind of comfort an iPhone user can think of.

The inventor of smartphones and revolutionist of smartwatches made a hearable, ready to be a game-changer.

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Apple AirPods

Highlights AirPods

It’s an Apple. Well, if this is not enough to be a highlight, you will get auto-use detection. Just remove them from the charging box and use them, everything else the Airpods take care of. Optical sensors recognize what you are up to and turn your device off and on.
The special W1 chip performs active noise cancelling and amplifies the users’ voice with the help of beamforming microphones. Double tap to activate Siri, single tap to pair to all Apple products on the market. It is as easy as 1, 2, 3 and without even touching your iPhone.
Blasting sound, crystal clear voices, all the things you already know if you use apple products – Airpods are no different. The included charging case and its unbeatable fast charging mode give you 24 hours of working life.

Battery Life

5h per charging, 5 times rechargeable with the charging case.

1 Touch Setup

Pairs to all Apple devices with a single tap.


Hands Free operation with all Siri features included.

Auto On/Off

W1 Chip with optical sensing technology recognizes use-status.

Music Streaming

High Definition quality music streaming.

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How long do AirPods batteries last?

With the charging case you can create up to 24 hours of use. A single charge lasts for up to five hours. The AirPods also have a quick charge function – 15 minutes charging is enough for up to three hours of listening pleasure or one hour of telephony.

What do AirPods cost?

The price for Apple AirPods including the wired charging box is 179 euros. Apple would like to have 229 euros for the version with a wireless charging case. The individual customized AirPods Pro cost 279 euros, but the wireless charging case is included as standard.

What can AirPods do?

AirPods are smart wireless Bluetooth headphones from Apple. The InEars, which have been available from Apple since the end of 2016, enable hands-free interaction with Siri and touchless use of all iPhone models.

Are Apple AirPods compatible with Android?

First of all AirPods are normal Bluetooth headphones. Every smartphone with Bluetooth can therefore easily recognize and connect to the Airpods – regardless of the operating system. The full functionality is of course only available in conjunction with iOS.