Waverly Labs Pilot


Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Waverly Labs Pilot. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new friends and new languages, to boldly go where no one has gone before.

There is nothing more nerdish then a missing language barrier.

This hearable concept comes right back to the future and introduces your own small bablefish, to enjoy worldwide communication without limits. At least if your world talks in spanish, french, italien or english, but that isn’t half bad.

Two pilots meet.. not just the start of a bad joke, but also a start for something new and some kind of next generation conversation.

If you only got one pilot, you need a bit of actual technology support of your smartphone. But pilots seem to be group living animals, what means there are at least two of them.

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Waverly Labs Pilot

Highlights Pilot

Waverly Labs has a clear goal, what means no unnecessary options are included. Of course you got noise canceling and you can talk to your smartphone assistant, stream music or call hands free, but the main feature is the translation between pilot users or pilot and speech translator app interaction.
Those extra features make the hearable more next generation, then other devices on the market. The focus feature comes with english, french, italien, spanish and portuguese translation build in and extra languages on demand.
The exact game plan of this Indigogo project device will be released soon and the latest update says they check backers shipping adresses and prefered device colors.
With about 20.000 customers a task that is huge, even in nerdvana.

Battery Life

Enough for all-day use, charging case seems to be needed


Between two pilots or between pilot and app, latest stable version with talk & listen technology (realtime translation planned), on board languages: english, spanish, french, italien and portuguese, on demand languages: german, polish, russian, turkish, arabic, chinese, greek, hindi, japanese, korean.

Smartphone Assistant

Hands free smartphone usw with Siri, GoogleNow, Bixby a.s.o.

Noise Cancelling

Exact feature unknown, but active noise control is certain.

Music Streaming

Direct music streaming via Bluetooth.

Official Product Video
Interview with Andrew Ochoa


How long will the Waverly Labs Pilot batteries last?

With exact numbers, Waverly Labs keeps a low profile and you won’t find a real number anywhere. However, it is clear there is a charging case and the hearables should be juiced all day.

How can I buy Waverly Labs Pilots?

The pilots are not yet available for purchase. The backers of the crowdfunding campaign should get their copies soon. The start for the general public is unclear, but the price is said to be $ 179 per pair.

What are the features of Waverly Labs Pilots?

The main feature is definitely the translation function, which should work between two pilots in almost real time. Noise canceling, using smartphone assistants and music streaming is also possible.

What languages can the Waverly Labs Pilot translate?

In addition to English, the onboard package also includes Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. German, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Chinese / Mandarin, Greek, Hindi, Japanese and Korean can be booked on demand.