Sony WF-1000X


Sony, that’s the name of the godfather of private entertainment. The japanese inventor of the walkman, or the playstation is now into true wireless earbuds. WF-1000X is the name Sony has choosen – maybe it’s hard to be the advertiser of such an cryptical product name, but if you know WF stands for wireless freedom, things become easier. Overall there’s no need of a catchy name, if you get to know Sonys inears.

And the Sony WF-1000X delivers. Real noise cancelling in a premium classic design enclosure. Many ways to manually adjust your personal hearing with the smartphone app, or even in full autonomous mode with the help of an inear-gyro and your phones GPS data.

It doesn’t matter if you’re outdoors for a workout, lying in bed, or waiting at your favorite store – your hearables know it and will select the matching soundprofile. Magic, or as Sony calls it: Adaptive Noise Cancelling.
In addition, if ambient aware mode is on, you will hear the voice of someone talking directly to you, but the ambient noise is still muted and you can enjoy your favorite music without any breakdown.

© Sony, WF-1000X

Sony WF-1000X

Highlights WF-1000X

Pointless to ask for the sound – it’s a Sony.
But for those who are not born in the 80’s: vibrant sound, nible tones, on point bass, high-flying treble, crystal-clear voices, nothing less is what you should expect.
All in all, matching the inears high-class build quality, a uber high-class audio experience.

Bluetooth antennas need free space for best performance, the WF-1000X solve that problem with transparent wings. That leads to a signalrange of up to 45 feet without any breakups.
Nowadays push-button controls seem to be a relic of bygone times. But if you don’t have to swipe, swirl or tap, you got easy times with your hearables. Splitting the controls between master earbud (left) and slave (right) ensure a good user experience. Siri, Google Assistant or music controls, just a question of left or right.

You’ll get 3h of operating life – not quiet a shame, but pretty close. The charging case gives you two full recharges – sizewise at least surprising. At the end of the day the fast recharge-option needs just 15min charging for 1h playtime, a candle at the end of the tunnel.

But as we all know, gadgets will have a second generation with improved features and betamax won’t happen again.

Battery Life

3h per charge, 2 times rechargable with external case, 9h overall playtime, fast charge option: 15min charge equals 1h playtime.

Noise Cancelling

Adaptive Noise Cancelling – autonomous chosen soundprogram depending on gyro- & GPS data, Ambient Aware Mode – noise canceling is paused if someone is talking to you, filtering of ambient noise and amplifies wanted sounds like voices.

Siri and Google Assistant

Hands free use of iPhone and Android assistance systems, Activates on single tap.

Perfecte Sound

Clear callers voice, high fidelity mp3 sound, natural sounding amplification in direct conversations, no distorted or alienated voices.

Unboxing & Test (german)
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Are the WF-1000X batteries good?

Only three hours of uptime and only two recharges with the charging case. This means that the WF-1000X can achieve a total service life of just 9 hours. At least there is a quick charge function, that fills the batteries in 15 minutes for another hour of use.

How expensive are WF-1000X?

You can get a pair of Sony WF-1000X today for prices between 60 and 90 euros. Alternatively, 100 euros for the gold version, if color matters. So if you want to save up to 30 percent, you should compare prices.

What can WF-1000X do?

Silence. If the WF-1000X can do something, it is silence. Noise canceling at its best. 

Only when you are addressed directly, the AI breaks the calm that is so valuable today.

Does the sound of the WF-1000X convince?

For decades, Sony has managed to integrate the highest quality sound into the most varied sizes of consumer electronics. The WF-1000X are certainly the smallest entertainers who benefit from those skills. And they sound brilliant, by the way.