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BeHear NOW

With the Wear & Hear product line, the outsider Alango has successfully placed itself among the Hearable elite.

The aim was to design a fundamentally new listening experience. The result of three years of development is the BeHear NOW – a combination of Bluetooth headset, assistive listening device and digital hearing aid.

Sounds from audio devices are transmitted wirelessly to the BeHear via Bluetooth: Up to 8 different Bluetooth sources can be connected simultaneously. For example, this makes it possible to answer a phone call while the headset is still connected to the TV.

The situational hearing amplification enables better understanding. 4 microphones ensure the most genuine recording of the environment. This also allows for impressive noise cancelling and the ListenThrough technology developed by Alango, which adds essential ambient noise to the absolute silence without reducing the sound quality. This guarantess understanding even in noisy environments such as restaurants and other crowded areas.

With the EasyListen function, the BeHear NOW also scores with an unprecedented solution for comprehension problems during telephone calls: When speakers are to fast fast and difficult to understand, the sounds will be slowed down without disturbing the natural flow of the conversation.

Highlights BeHear NOW

As an assistive listening device, the BeHear follows a philosophy comparable to that of hearing aids: With age, hearing deteriorates at certain frequencies, which leads to comprehension problems when talking in groups or watching television. At the beginning, a hearing profile is created via the in-house app, which can also be adjusted manually at any time. This determines which frequencies need to be amplified to enable ideal understanding in all situations.

4 different modes guarantee freedom of complaints in any environment: indoor, outdoor, crowd and live music. You can switch between these functions either conveniently via app or on the headset itself.

Many fine adjustments can be made at any time and thus the own hearing sensation can be adjusted. Particularly important: the Hearing Threshold, i.e. the threshold at which sounds become audible, and the Most Comfortable Level, the ideal listening comprehension.

Noise cancelling, which uses 4 different microphones to neutralize external noise with the aid of counter frequencies, provides complete isolation from ambient noise. This allows full musical enjoyment without any external noise. Finally, if you don’t want to be completely isolated, the ListenThrough function allows you to mix in ambient noise to the desired extent.

Battery life


With up to 13 hours of lifespan in listen mode and 8 hours of continuous media use, the headset can be used almost all day without recharging. Fully charged, it can be used within 2 hours.

Personal hearing profile


The test integrated into the app ideally adapts the sound of the headset to your personal hearing ability. In this way, poorly pronounced frequencies are mixed in more intensively to neutralize possible hearing impairments.


Noise Cancelling


To avoid noise from the environment, the headset mixes the exact counter-frequencies with the help of 4 externally mounted microphones. This guarantees true silence and pure music enjoyment.



In certain situations, such as traffic, complete noise encapsulation can be a disadvantage. The ListenThrough function therefore uses the 4 microphones and mixes in essential ambient noise. Via app, the intensity and volume can be adjusted according to your needs.




For those who find it difficult to make phone calls with fast speakers, EasyListen offers the right solution: The speed of the conversation is slowed down without affecting the natural flow.



The BeHear Now can be connected to up to 8 devices simultaneously via Bluetooth. For example, a call can be received while the TV continues to run over the headset. Depending on the settings, the microphones can also pick up ambient noise.


Sound quality


In contrast to conventional hearing aids, BeHear Now does not focus only on speech understanding. With the help of the headset, listening to music and watching TV is as easy as with a completely intact ear. BeHear Now delivers impressive powerful sound quality – even at live concerts.

BeHear NOW: A personalizable, hearing enhancing Bluetooth headset
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FAQ – Alango BeHear Now

How long does the battery of the BeHear NOW last?

Depending on which functions are used, the battery lasts 8 to 13 hours without recharging. Within 2 hours, the BeHear NOW is fully charged.

How much does the BeHear NOW from Alango cost?

The BeHear NOW is available from 269 $. From 20 $, there is the corresponding Hear Link, which makes every device with an AUX connection Bluetooth-compatible.

Does the BeHear NOW replace a hearing aid?

Even though the BeHear NOW uses similar technologies to a modern hearing aid, it is not to be considered as such. The BeHear NOW is aimed primarily at people who suffer from mild to moderate hearing loss. Often a hearing aid is not yet necessary in this case. In addition to improving the hearing sensation, the functions are enhanced by many other features that a hearing aid normally cannot provide. With BeHear NOW, television and music can be experienced again as with healthy hearing.

Who is the BeHear NOW suitable for?

The BeHear NOW was primarily developed for people with mild to moderate hearing loss who do not need hearing aids in every situation. The focus is on individual adaptation to the specific requirements of each hearing system. It helps to understand dialogues clearly again, to appreciate music again and to improve the intelligibility of telephone calls.