Apple AirPods Pro

AirPods Pro

The all new Apple AirPods Pro are the legitimate followup of the hyper-successful InEar headphones with the striking design.

After Apple has clearly shown who’s the man in design, the inner values ​​will now be optimized in the next generation. Silicon sleves in different sizes guarantee a secure fit even during workouts, the microphones not only listen to unpleasant noises to the outside, but also to the ear. The transparency mode still maintains contact with the outside and a well-thought-out vent system makes the closure effect disappear.

The current H1 chip has been completely redeveloped and, in addition to the extremely low audio latency, also offers the basis for sophisticated control with pressure sensors instead of first-generation touch controls.

In addition, the adaptive EQ adjusts the sound to the listening channel in real time, while the active noise canceling system with two microphones on the outside and one on the inside keeps the environment away from the wearer’s ear. The perfect partner in crime is the specially developed high-excursion woofer with a large dynamic range and improved battery life.

Well-tried goodies like the long battery life, Siri integration, the automatic connection as soon as the AirPods leave the charging case or the splash water and welding protection according to IPX4 are of course also on board.

Highlights AirPod Pros

24 hours of battery life are no longer unusual, but five minutes of charging for an hour of use is again a prominent feature at a time when empty batteries are the greatest fear of society. The new high-excursion woofer in particular contributes to economy.

It develops its full power particularly when active noise canceling reliably masks out the environment thanks to the inward and outward-facing microphone architecture.
In addition, the completely new H1 chip with a whopping 10 audio cores ensures overwhelming computing power and virtually no longer existing latency e.g. when streaming from the TV.

All AirPod Pros can be perfectly adapted to your own ear thanks to the different silicone tips. The feeling of closure is prevented thanks to a very well thought-out opening system and the brilliant sound can be enjoyed without feeling irritation.


4.5 hours per battery charge, up to 5 full recharges using the supplied charging case, so that 24 hours of use, 5min quick charge are enough for 1 hour of music playback.


One microphone is directed inwards, two towards the outside. For perfect active noise canceling.


Equalizing EQ, high-excursion woofer and completely redeveloped 10 core H1 chip. This sound is second to none.


Share your audio stream on two pairs of AirPod Pros, whether podcast, music or video.


IPX4, Siri integration and automatic switch-on and connection are on board.

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